How do I pay my rent?

Contact your property manager for instructions for your “tenant portal link” to pay rent.

How do I report a maintenance issue?

We request all maintenance of a non-emergency nature be sent via email to your Property Manager. This allows a record of what was reported and when the report was submitted. Always be sure to include your full address and contact numbers. You can call our office at (407) 425-4561, bring a request in writing to our Cook Avenue office, OR USE THE APPFOLIO TENANT PORTAL TO REPORT MAINTENANCE ITEMS. Please contact us rather than repairing a maintenance problem yourself. Note that repairs are NOT deductible from rent. If the problem was caused by you or your guests, you will be responsible for the cost of the repairs.

What is considered an emergency?

An emergency is defined as a maintenance problem that will cause a safety hazard to residents or imminent damage to property, so repairing it cannot wait until the next business day. Emergencies are classified as: Heavy structural (roof, foundation and wall) damage; Electrical (arching, fire, smoke, no power, overhead fixtures); Plumbing (flooding, stoppage for all drains); No heat (only when outside temperature is 40 degrees or below); Theft (notify police immediately and report details to the Property Manager on the next work day); Fire (notify fire department immediately followed by an emergency call to the Property Manager).

How do I report an emergency?

If you have an emergency during office hours, please call (407) 425-4561 and ask to be connected to your Property Manager. If you reach voice mail, please dial “O” and tell the Operator that it is an emergency. The Operator will then contact the Property Manager or the appropriate staff. DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE ON VOICEMAIL FOR A MAINTENANCE EMERGENCY. If you have an emergency after business hours (6:00pm Weekdays, 4:00pm Saturday), call the above number and the live operator will contact your Property Manager or the person who is on call.

What if my problem isn’t an emergency, but I feel it is very urgent?

Maintenance situations other than those listed above cannot be repaired outside of office hours. Please do not call the emergency line except for the situations specifically listed above. If you have what you feel to be a non-emergency but urgent situation, you may call in your request for repair early on the next business day, Please also follow up with a written request.

What should I do before I call if my garbage disposal stops working?

Garbage disposals are not for bones, greasy items, meat or large quantities of vegetable peelings, etc. If the motor just buzzes, turn off the switch. Then clear the jam in the disposal by turning the blade backwards with a wooden spoon handle or a wrench, if available. Press the reset button on the bottom or side of the disposal (this is usually a small red or yellow button) and run water and turn the unit on. If the unit turns easily by hand but not with power, call for service. Almost all disposal jams are caused by improper use. It’s to your advantage to clear a jam rather than requesting maintenance service, as you will be required to pay for the repair if unacceptable items are found in disposal.

Who is responsible for the smoke detectors in my home?

Smoke Detectors were checked and were operating properly prior to your move-in. If the smoke detector begins making a chirping noise, it means that the battery is low. As per your lease agreement, it specifies that replacing batteries is the tenant’s responsibility. If the smoke detector goes off when there is no fire (i.e. from cooking) DO NOT remove the battery! Smoke detectors must have working batteries in them AT ALL TIMES!! This is for your own protection. If a smoke detector is not operating properly, contact our office immediately!

What am I responsible for both inside and outside the home?

Your lease details all resident responsibilities during residency. Certain maintenance and housekeeping items are your responsibility, and should be regularly performed in a timely manner. If you have any questions about what is your responsibility versus the responsibility of the Owner that are not addressed in the lease agreement, contact your Property Manager

What am I expected to do with the lawn?

If lawn care is not included, you are expected to maintain the yard by cutting, edging, trimming, weeding (inclusive, but not limited to flower beds), proper watering, fertilizing, and insect control to ensure that the lawn, trees, and shrubs are well-maintained. If lawn care is included, your lease specifies to what degree. Either way, you must report any and all problems with the irrigations system if provided.

Why was I charged for a missed appointment?

When an appointment is made with you for a technician to come out and make a repair, you are given a time window for the expected arrival. If you are not able to be there, then you must arrange for somebody over the age of eighteen to be there to allow the technician access to make the scheduled repair. If for any reason you have to leave or forget about the appointment and the technician arrives and you or another adult is not there, you then will be charged for a missed service call.

Can I paint or make other changes to my residence?

Your lease agreement does NOT permit any physical changes to the property without written approval of the Property Manager. You will be charged to restore the property if this is not adhered to. Please see the lease agreement for additional information.

Do I need Renters Insurance?

Renters Insurance is highly recommended in all cases, and required by some Owners prior to occupancy. We are unable to provide any legal advice, but do point out that in most cases you are responsible for all of your personal property in any rental property, and also are potentially liable for certain occurrences affecting others. Contact an insurance expert for further details to avoid any misunderstanding. We ask that you consider this as a priority item to address prior to and at all times during occupancy.

How do I renew my lease?

Your Property Manager tracks residency and will normally contact you 60 to 90 days prior to lease expiration to advise you of your options. If you need information prior to this contact, you should contact your Property Manager to determine renewal possibilities and options.

If I am not going to renew, what should I do?

Your lease provides instructions regarding the required advance written notice. It is your responsibility to insure that written notice is received by Don Asher & Associates, Inc. as specified in the lease agreement. Failure to give the proper notice will result in additional charges. Contact your Property Manager if you have any questions about the notice date and/or if you have any questions about the move-out procedure.

What do I do before I move out?

Your lease and addendums specify the condition that the property must be in to avoid charges. The property needs to be thoroughly cleaned. All flooring including: carpets, tile/ grout and any wood flooring professionally cleaned. Any damages should be repaired prior to move-out. Lawns need to be freshly cut, trimmed and edged, all trash removed from both the interior and exterior. WE REQUEST YOU DO NOT FILL NAIL HOLES OR TOUCH UP THE PAINT

How do I get my deposit back?

Your deposit will be refunded to you as applicable under the terms of the lease agreement in accordance with Florida Law. Upon return of possession, the agent shall have 15 days to return the Security Deposit, or 30 days in which to give the tenant written notice by certified mail to the tenants last known mailing address of his intention to impose a claim on the Security Deposit.

Can a separate security deposit check be made payable to each roommate at the end of the Lease?

No. A single security deposit check will be made payable to all persons who signed the Lease for your rental unit, regardless of who provided the security deposit.

Where will my security deposit be sent after I move out?

At the end of your Lease, you must provide a forwarding address for your security deposit to be sent; otherwise, your security deposit will be sent to your last known address and forwarded by the U.S. Postal Service (if you have filed a forwarding request and address with the Postal Service). If no forwarding address has been given, the Postal Service will return your security deposit to us, and we will hold it until you provide with written notice of the proper forwarding address.