James Payne
I was raised in Orlando. I graduated from Boone High School and later the University of Central Florida. In 1982 I received a commission in the US Army and spent four years in Germany. After I returned from overseas, I served two years in local law enforcement before deciding to transition to Real Estate. I eventually accepted employment as a Property Manager for Coldwell Banker. My semi-temporary job with Coldwell Banker lasted for over twenty-five years. During this time I usually managed around one hundred residential properties. Late in 2014, I took a position with Don Asher and Associates, working as a licensed property manager.

There are many things you can do with a real estate license. Probably the least glamorous of these is to be a property manager. That said, I think it is an area that requires a great deal of skill and experience to properly represent your clients. My twenty five years in the business as a property manager has given me keen instincts and insights in how to set up a real estate investment portfolio and how to run it.

I typically work for individuals who own condominiums and houses in the Greater Orlando area. My work involves finding good units to purchase, finding good tenants for the property and then collecting rent and supervising maintenance. There are many places you can put your investment money, but I believe none are consistently safer than owning a physical asset like real estate. Orlando is a great market with more people moving to the area every year. This tends to generate positive appreciation, both in sales prices as well as rental rates.

If you are considering investments in real estate, I would enjoy sharing some insights with you. Likewise, if you are a tenant looking for a nice place to live, give me a call.

Phone: (407) 592-2801
Email: jbpayne2@aol.com