Community On Line: Each community in our portfolio has the option of having an Association On Line website which can be designed and maintained by us. If you would like to learn more about the features of the online services, click Association On-Line Demo.

Software: We utilize state-of-the-art accounting and management software designed exclusively for condominiums and homeowners associations.

VOIP Communication (with conversion feature): We utilize VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) with the capability to convert voice-mails to emails which are received on smart phones, and also forwarded to managers for a quick response.

WEBEX Communication: Providing on-line meetings for committees and board members.

Telephone System: We have invested heavily in an advanced communications network, since communication is the key to effective management.

Computer Technology: In addition to our desktop and smart phones, we maintain our website on an offsite server to ensure backup of all information. It can be accessed from any location with internet access, including our smart phones and wireless laptops.

High-Speed Cable: Our offices are equipped with highest speed T-1 lines which allows us to perform all online services at lightning speeds.