Don Asher & Associates, Inc., is a locally-owned, full-service association management company providing state-of-the-art management services to communities of all sizes and types throughout Central Florida. As a Board Member you certainly know that the Board’s first responsibility is to ensure that the community’s financial and operational needs are maximized. With Don Asher & Associates, Inc. you can rest assured that they will be! Don Asher has 60 years of successful management experience in Central Florida! NOBODY ELSE CAN SAY THIS!

And we go beyond the competition! Our managers and staff meet regularly to share their experiences with other associates. This enables our clients to have the benefits of many managers working together to maximize the results achieved by each single community. Our name is not just a logo; it stands for quality service and satisfied clients. Please consider the following important facts:

  • Don Asher & Associates, Inc. is unique to feature both a licensed CPA as well as two CPMs (Certified Property Managers) on their in-house staff, providing unrivaled professional supervision of your account!
  • Our Collections Department provides solutions to revenue issues with regular monthly analysis and supervision of every single delinquent account, minimizing delinquency loss and SAVING OUR COMMUNITIES SIGNIFICANT DOLLARS EACH AND EVERY MONTH!
  • Our staff provides long-range planning and budgeting so that your community will remain successful and fiscally sound not only now but also in the future!
  • Providing exemplary customer service to both boards and residents is a priority. We want to quickly minimize and resolve issues and prevent small matters from becoming big problems. Every call is important to us and is answered by a live operator 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! A State-Of-The-Art website for your community providing a myriad of accounting, environmental, and social information is just another available feature!
  • Knowledge that you are working with a long-standing local company familiar with all aspects of the Central Florida market; how it got to where it is today and where it may be headed!
  • Don Asher & Associates, Inc., has a physical “brick-and-mortar” office centrally located in downtown Orlando. We are NOT a branch or a franchise!

In addition, our pro-active and innovative services include so much more. Please also consider:

EXPERIENCED STAFF: Our managers are all licensed and experienced professionals with over 200 years of combined experience managing associations of all sizes and types, with the knowledge needed to accurately guide your Board with confidence. From accounting to contract negotiation to property inspections, we deliver a complete line of management services. Along with your manager comes a qualified support staff that you can trust. A “team” specifically assigned to your community, ensuring that when you call us you will speak to someone who knows about YOUR community.

WEEKLY STAFF MEETINGS: We realize the need for on-going training and the exchange of information, enabling our communities to benefit from not just a single manager. We schedule regular meetings of all managers to update them on statute changes, new vendors, cost-saving measures, and other topics that will benefit our managed communities.

MAXIMIZE YOUR BOTTOM LINE: We continually deliver on-going savings to communities by eliminating overspending, using our significant vendor list to ensure that no communities are being gouged, and setting up controls and systems to ensure that every expense is both properly approved and properly tracked.

DAY-TO-DAY: Don Asher & Associates, Inc. never overlooks the important basics. We have monitored, foolproof checklists in place to make sure you receive financial statements on time, mail-outs are sent on time, and property inspections are done as scheduled. We understand the importance of community appearance, and quickly respond to violations to the community documents and standards. We continually prepare for the future, planning on the changing demands of our Boards, and stay up to date on the latest technology. And timely and knowledgeable customer service has always been a mainstay at our firm.

We understand that each community is different. We believe the services you receive should match the needs of YOUR community. That’s why we offer OPTIONS, such as full-service management or accounting service only, as well as portfolio or on-site management. We know that in this economy, pricing is a factor when you are considering management. We offer FREE SET-UP and the least-expensive list of reimbursable expenses (such as copies and envelopes) in the industry!

With Don Asher Management you not only get the unique features detailed above, but your Association will benefit from a firm large and experienced enough to make sure you are provided all of the attention and services you require, but also individual enough to provide a personal level of service designed specifically to fit both the physical and lifestyle needs of your community. We have been committed to the Central Florida community since 1952 and back up our claims with unparalleled experience! This experience also gives us the marketplace knowledge to ensure that we provide our services at a price that is affordable and will quite favorably compare to and very likely beat the competition.

If you are looking for excellence in professional management service for your Association, why not consider a long-standing leader in the industry: Don Asher & Associates, Inc. Contact us today for more information. You will be glad you did!