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HOA & Condo Associations Administrative Services

Cost-Effective Approach – Our management fee comes with the lowest “reimbursable” costs available in Central Florida. We don’t believe in “nickel-diming” our clients!

Involved – We provide premium, quality hands-on supervision, and maintain the lowest manager-to-property ratio, thus assuring personalized attention. Our supervisors understand the complex operations of each association in and offer the value-added services that each association needs.

Preventive Maintenance – We implement a precautionary maintenance approach for your association’s mechanical systems to save you money in the long-run.

  • We ensure a smooth transition from existing management to Don Asher and Associates

  • Welcome package for all current and future owners

  • We arrange, attend, and supervise all meetings

  • We maintain and distribute the minutes of each meeting

  • We provide the Board with training, guidance, and advice regarding procedures and responsibilities

  • We provide recommendations regarding the hiring of accountants, engineers, attorneys, and other professionals

  • We investigate and report all matters related to the security and protection of the association’s property

  • We keep accurate and up-to-date records of all your information online and available 24/7

  • We take care of all insurance matters: bids, claims, and follow-thru

  • We keep records of all insurance certificates required of contractors

  • We maintain records of all communications with the community, vendors, government agencies, and contractors.

  • We keep records of all service contracts, specifications, policies, legal documents, schematics, blueprints, and any other file of importance to the community.

We make the Board's life easier!

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