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Female Property Manager

Oldest Property Management Company in Central Florida 

Serving the Community Since 1952 

Let us help you achieve your financial goals.

Certified Property Managers

Our Property Managers are problem solvers. They are professionally trained to work with tenants and landlords. Don Asher and Associates has over sixty years of experience serving the Central Florida community.

Property Types

Whether you own a single-family home, multi-unit building, or commercial space, our team ensures your property is well taken care of. We work hard to maintain and improve the value of your asset so you can maximize your returns on investment.

Property Management Advanced Technology

We use state-of-the-art and industry-specific software. You'll see maintenance, inspections, payments, and invoices from anywhere you are.

Excellence in

Central Florida

Property Management

Since 1952

FREE Property Assessment

It's in the interests of both, the management company and the property owner, to know each other before forming a long-lasting relationship.

Property Analytics

We will analyze location, property's condition, and market data before giving you an assessment of its rental value. After filling out the form, you'll talk to a certified Property Manager with many years of practical experience.

Don Asher  Management Guarantee

We guarantee any tenant who is placed by our firm for 1/2 of their original lease term. If they leave for any reason, we will re-rent your property for FREE.

Our Services

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Real Estate photography

We conduct professional photoshoots for each property we manage. By capturing their unique features, we enhance their appeal and boost their marketability, ensuring increased online visibility for our listings.


We take care of all the promotions at no extra cost to you. Internet, professional listings, property signs, we've got it all covered!

Property Showings

Our Certified Property Managers will take care of showing your property as much as needed.


We manage the rent collection on your property, monthly statements, and year-end tax summation.


We take care of headaches! All our vendors are licensed and professional.

Rental Assessment

Do you have the knowledge and experience needed to put a rental price on your property? Our Property Managers do!


The members of our staff are certified problem solvers ready to take action.


Regular inspections that are compliant with local laws will keep your investment safe for years to come.

rent collection

Avoiding late payments is in everybody’s best interest. We have a true and tested system to prevent delays.

Rental agreements

Our rental agreements have been vetted by experienced property lawyers and tested by customers.


We have an entire network of vendors with backups. If a vendor doesn’t offer a fair price or fails to complete a job, it would lose a pool of hundreds of houses

Move-ins & Move-outs

Move-ins and move-outs are stressful. However, a good beginning will set the stage for a fruitful relation. Likewise, a good ending becomes a reference that will attract more tenants.

Do you have additional questions? Talk to our managers!

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