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Community under construction

Developer Management Services in Central Florida 

Serving the Community Since 1952 

"We understand what a developer expects from a management company. Our goal is to simplify the developer's job and provide homeowners with the same quality service they expect from their company."

- Dean Asher

New Communities or

Condo Conversions

As your trusted partners in HOA management services for developers, we expertly navigate the process from crafting comprehensive Governing Documents and formulating meticulous budgets to seamlessly transitioning the HOA from developer control to homeowner governance. You can rely on our expertise and commitment to deliver exceptional service. 

Development of Community Rules and Policies

We assist developers in strategically creating community rules and policies. Our expert services ensure a harmonious living environment, enhancing property values and fostering community spirit.

Organization of 1st Annual Meeting and The First Budget

We organize the critical 1st Annual Meeting and formulate the initial budget. Our comprehensive services ensure a smooth start, setting the stage for effective financial management and successful community interactions.

On-site Meetings and Inspections for Individual Phase Acceptance

We organize on-site meetings and conduct detailed inspections for individual phase acceptance. Our hands-on approach ensures that each development phase meets the highest standards, guaranteeing quality and satisfaction.

We Help Developers Recover Bonds in a Timely Fashion

We assist community developers in the expedient recovery of bonds. Our expertise and timely approach help streamline the process, ensuring developers can swiftly access their funds for continued project success.

Tax ID Numbers and Operating and Reserve Accounts

We set up Tax ID Numbers and Operating and Reserve Bank Accounts for your HOA. We provide seamless guidance in acquiring a unique Employer Identification Number (EIN) for federal tax purposes, along with establishing operating accounts for daily transactions and reserve accounts for long-term savings or unforeseen expenses. Trust us to ensure regulatory compliance and support your HOA's financial stability.

Accurate Accounting
and Regular Reporting

We provide community developers with accurate accounting services and regular reporting. Our meticulous approach ensures complete financial transparency, enabling developers to make informed decisions for the prosperity of their projects.

Board and Committee Members' Training

We provide specialized training services for board and committee members. We equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills for successful community management, covering key areas such as governance, financial oversight, conflict resolution, and legal compliance. 

Essential Committees Creation

Optimize your HOA's functionality with our expert committee creation services. We facilitate the establishment of essential committees, such as Budget, Landscaping, Maintenance, and Social Committees, crucial for effective community management and development. Trust us to tailor our approach to meet your unique goals efficiently and effectively.

We Manage all
Board Meetings

Experience efficient and productive board meetings with our exceptional HOA management services. We handle all aspects of board meeting organization, allowing you to focus on decision-making and community development.

We Take Care of Vendors

Trust our expert team to streamline your project management. We meticulously prepare specifications, solicit multiple competitive bids, and facilitate hiring reliable vendors. Our comprehensive approach ensures you receive the best value, quality, and efficiency for all your development needs.

Creation of Legally Compliant Forms and Documents

We support community developers by creating documents and forms that comply with legal requirements. Our expert knowledge of legalities ensures your project documentation is accurate, comprehensive, and adheres to all necessary regulations.

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