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Lisa Battaglini

Property Manager / Realtor

D: 407.420.4622

C: 407.376.7141

F: 407.843.5169

Over 20 yrs of experience!

Lisa Battaglini

I moved here from Binghamton, New York in 1993, initially to get out of the cold and enjoy Florida’s sunny weather. I became a Ballroom Dance instructor, and after nine years realized that helping people was my true passion. I have been specializing in Property Management since 2000, and wouldn’t change that for anything. I still teach Ballroom Dancing part-time and will enjoy that for the rest of my life. I hope that you will also become a valued client of mine.

I've been 10 yrs with Lisa. I like that you can talk to her like a human being and she adapts according to the needs of each situation.

Perry, Owner of four properties

Lisa and I met over the phone one day last year and, although, she was not my property manager, she was most professional and thorough in advice. Although, ultimately, I have no property manager at this time, Ms. Lisa Battaglini still offers excellent advice and I feel certain that the next time that I have a property manager need, I will call upon her. 

Samantha W.

Lisa Battaglini is not only the best rental manager that we've ever had, but she is also a wonderful person. She is always on top of everything! If a repair needs to be made, she communicates with us constantly until the issue is resolved. If there is a question about the rental agreement or if the renter is having an issue, she communicates constantly and efficiently resolves the problem. And if that's not enough, Lisa treats our rental property as if it was her very own, and finds us only top-notch renters each and every time. We give Lisa 5 stars out of 5!

James and Coleen

In 2008, we retained Lisa Battaglini to manage our rental property in Central Florida. When we retained her, our expectations were that she would locate a qualified tenant for the property, ensure that the tenant maintained the property, ensure that we maintained a safe environment for our tenant, and keep us informed of any changes in either the property or tenant all of which Ms. Battaglini did in a professional, objective, forthright and honest manner.

During the nearly two and one-half years that Ms. Battaglini managed our property, she not only met our expectations, she far exceeded them. She ensured that rents were paid on time, routine maintenance was performed and that the tenants fully understood their obligations. Her performance as our property manager has been well above reproach and we appreciate beyond words the services she provided to us. We are pleased to give Ms. Battaglini our highest recommendation and would not hesitate to retain her in the future. She is an outstanding representative of the best that property management has to offer. 

Pete and Barbara, S.

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