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5 Essential Duties of a Community (HOA) Management Company

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Working with a professional company is critical when it comes to community management. They can take on many day-to-day duties and responsibilities that help keep your community running smoothly. Here are five essential tasks to look for when choosing a community management company.

Consulting Services

A community management company can provide a wide range of services to the Community Board. Board members are typically volunteers elected by the community members and serve staggered terms. As such, the Board needs to receive training, guidance, and advice from the management company regarding their roles and responsibilities. For example, a community management company can help the Board develop policies and procedures that will help ensure the efficient and effective operation of the community. In addition, a community management company can provide advice and guidance on a wide range of topics, such as financial management, legal issues, and community relations. As a result, a community management company can be an invaluable resource for the Community Board.

Upholding Board Rules and Guidelines

Community management company staff are responsible for upholding the Community Rules set by the Board. Community rules are designed to maintain the quality of life in the community, and they cover a wide range of topics, from noise levels to garbage disposal. Community management staff do their best to enforce the rules fairly and consistently. Along with the Board, they also develop new regulations or revise existing ones as needed. When complaints are received, the staff investigates and takes appropriate action. Examples of this may involve speaking with the person who is alleged to have violated a rule, issuing a warning, or taking severe action, such as levying a fine. The community management staff plays an essential role in helping to ensure that the community is a safe and enjoyable place to live.

Communication Between Residents and Board Members

Communication is critical in any relationship, including the relationship between a homeowners association (HOA) Board and the community members they represent. An HOA management company can help facilitate communication between the Board and community members. First, the management company can act as a central point of contact for community members, fielding questions and concerns and passing them on to the Board as needed. Additionally, the management company can help to schedule and promote Board meetings, ensuring that community members have an opportunity to voice their opinions. Finally, the management company can help develop and distribute educational materials, providing community members with information about the HOA and its activities. By facilitating communication between the Board and community members, an HOA management company can help create a better understanding between both parties and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Maintenance and Vendor Management

Community management companies typically have maintenance vendor contracts to keep the common community areas well-maintained. The management company will work with the vendors to schedule regular maintenance tasks and oversee the work to ensure it is up to par. Examples may include things like landscaping, pool upkeep, and litter pick-up. In addition, the management company may also handle maintenance requests from residents and coordinate with the vendors to have the work done on time. By working closely with vendors, community management companies can help to ensure those common areas are well-maintained and safe for all to enjoy.

Financial Services

An HOA management company is responsible for the financial matters of the community they serve. This includes payables, receivables, budgets, billings, reports, and collections. The management company will work with the Board to develop a budget that meets the community's needs. They will then bill the community members according to that budget. In addition, the management company will prepare reports on the community's financial status and collect any outstanding payments. By handling the financial matters of the community, an HOA management company can help keep the community running smoothly.

In conclusion, a community management company is an essential part of any homeowners association. They provide consulting services, uphold board rules and guidelines, maintain communication lines between residents and board members, manage maintenance and vendors, and provide financial services. If you are a homeowner or a board member in an HOA, it's essential to be familiar with the duties of the community management company. It'll help in order a positive relationship with them.

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