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Are HOAs Legally Required to Hire a Community Management Company in Florida?

The short answer is No. I believe neither Florida Condominium Act nor Florida Homeowner’s Association Act requires a management company to take care of your HOA. But of course, you should always consult a lawyer specializing in HOAs to review your specific requirements.

Now that the primary question is answered, let’s examine the more practical question. Is it wise to self-manage an HOA?

Overworked HOA Board Member - Don Asher & Associates

Governing Experience – Legal Knowledge – Vendor Management

One of the critical challenges that self-managed HOAs face is a lack of governing experience. This can make it difficult for them to effectively stay on top of their affairs, particularly regarding vendor management and infrastructure maintenance. Furthermore, self-managed HOAs often lack the legal knowledge to navigate the complex world of HOA management. This can lead to expensive mistakes that could have been avoided with proper guidance. Additionally, many HOAs rely heavily on volunteers to keep their operations running smoothly. However, volunteers can be difficult to come by and may not always have the skills or knowledge necessary to manage an HOA effectively. Finally, infrastructure maintenance can be a significant challenge for HOAs. Often, HOA properties are aging and in need of repair. But without the proper funding or experience, HOAs can struggle to keep their infrastructure in good condition. These factors can make it difficult for an HOA to self-manage effectively.

Board Rules – Accounting Practices – Communication Between the Board and Members

Hiring a professional HOA management company can provide many benefits to an HOA Board, including upholding Board rules, improved communication between board members and residents, and improved HOA accounting practices. A professional HOA management company will have experience managing HOAs and be familiar with HOA rules and regulations. They will be able to help the Board ensure that these rules are being followed and that any violations are addressed promptly. In addition, a professional HOA management company can help to improve communication between the Board and HOA members. They can act as a liaison between the two groups, providing updates on Board decisions and helping to resolve conflicts. Finally, a professional HOA management company can help to improve HOA accounting practices. They can work with the HOA Treasurer to ensure that financial records are accurate and up-to-date and that all HOA expenses are correctly documented. In sum, hiring a professional HOA management company can benefit an HOA Board.

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