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HOA Estoppel - The Six Most Important Things

What is the general definition of the word estoppel? Investopedia says, "estoppel refers to a legal principle that prevents someone from arguing something or asserting a right that contradicts what they previously said or agreed to by law."

What is an HOA Estoppel? An HOA estoppel is a document that provides information about the status of an individual's account with a homeowners' association (HOA). The estoppel can provide proof of payment of dues, assessments, and other charges owed to the HOA. Additionally, the estoppel can be used to verify that no outstanding violations or fines are owed to the HOA.

Why is an HOA Estoppel Important? An HOA estoppel is essential because it can provide crucial information about an individual's financial obligations to a homeowners' association. Additionally, the estoppel can be used to verify that an individual is in good standing with the HOA, which may be required to sell or refinance a home.

What Information is Included in an HOA Estoppel? An HOA estoppel typically includes information such as the homeowner's name, the property's address, the amount of money owed to the HOA, and the date by which the debt must be paid. Additionally, the estoppel may include information about any outstanding violations or fines owed to the HOA.

How do I Obtain an HOA Estoppel? An HOA estoppel can be obtained by contacting the homeowners' association directly. Some HOA management companies use external information processing systems to disclose regulatory paperwork. In the case of Don Asher and Associates, we use CondoCerts. A fee may be associated with obtaining an estoppel.

What if I Disagree with the Information in my HOA Estoppel? If you disagree with the information in your HOA estoppel, contact the homeowners' association or the issuer directly to discuss your options. In some cases, obtaining a revised estoppel with corrected information may be possible.

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