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What Is a Property Manager, and do you need one?

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Most people believe a Property Manager is an individual that will get a tenant for your property and will collect the rent every month. Although correct, this description is akin to describing an airplane as a metal tube with wings. Property Managers are much more than tenant finders and rent collectors.

A good Property Manager will oversee the whole operation of your property and make the venture profitable. It doesn’t matter if the property is residential or commercial. They have experience and knowledge pertaining to the life-cycle, maintenance, advertisement, accounting, occupancy, and legal issues relevant to real estate. As a matter of fact, in Florida, Property Managers must also be licensed Real Estate Agents to practice their profession.

Now you know, a Property Manager is an overseer of real estate. The person that will preserve the value of your property while making sure it generates income. Choose your Property Manager wisely!

Don Asher and Associates is a full-service Real Estate company specializing in Property Management and HOA Management. Serving Central Florida since 1952, we help our clients achieve their financial goals! Get a free online rental assessment today!

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