Don Asher & Associates, Inc. has unique and extensive experience working with developers of new communities and/or condominium conversions. We have the expertise to successfully manage and lead these communities from the point the Governing Documents and Budget are created. A primary focus of ours is maintaining a strong relationship between the homeowners in the community and the developer, and assuring any disputes and construction related issues are promptly and properly handled between the parties. We have successfully dealt with virtually all issues that present themselves during the initial stages of the HOA through the transition of the HOA from the developer to the homeowners. We clearly understand what the developer expects from a Management Company. Our goal is to make your job easy and to assure the new homeowners in the community receive the same high quality customer experience from our company that they receive from yours. Please visit our Community On Line services for samples and information of some of the many ways we assist builders and developers.

Developer specific services include:

  • Development of community rules and policies.
  • Creation of all necessary forms needed for the community.
  • Thorough review of all important documents to assure all legal requirements of the HOA are met.
  • Organization of 1st Annual Meeting and first budget.
  • New Board member training/orientation meeting if desired.
  • Set up Tax ID Number and Operating and Reserve Bank Accounts.
  • Creation of necessary Committees, training for Committee Members.
  • Prepare specifications, obtain multiple bids, and hire vendors as needed for the community.
  • On site meetings and site inspections with vendors/developer representatives for the purpose of individual phase acceptance, enabling Developer to recover Bonds in a timely fashion.
  • Manage all aspects of conducting Board and other required Meetings.
  • Intense focus and coordination with the developer’s or builders staff to assure we work together to provide a consistently positive message to our common customers and that they receive top customer service.

The specific management duties for the communities are outlined in Community Management Services.