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What Type of rental properties do you manage?

Don Asher & Associates provide professional management services for all types of residential properties: single-family homes, condominiums, townhomes, apartment complexes of all sizes, duplexes, coops, government, or bank-owned properties. We also manage commercial properties such as office buildings, shopping centers, and industrial/warehouse properties. We have the resources to serve you in the management of your investment property or properties! FAQs


What geographic areas do you handle?

Don Asher & Associates manage properties throughout Central Florida: Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Lake, Polk, and Volusia Counties. FAQs


My property requires regular checks and maintenance but no long-term lease, can you help?

Don Asher & Associates provide “Home Watch” services for those owners who have a home that requires weekly, semi-weekly or monthly interior checks and maintenance but no long-term lease. Vacation homes or extended travel periods are good examples. We can custom tailor services to your particular needs. FAQs


Can you help me get my property ready for rent?

Yes! Don Asher & Associates maintains a list of approved vendors that perform all services generally needed to quickly and adequately prepare a property for occupancy. We regularly work with these vendors, ensuring quick and professional service at a fair price to the property owner. Painting, interior cleaning, carpet cleaning or repair/replacement, landscaping, and minor repairs are the most commonly needed services. FAQs

Who’s going to show my property?
We have full-time managers on staff ready to show properties. Once the property appears in the MLS, thousands of Licensed Real Estate agents in Central Florida will have access to it and will be able to promote it to their clients. FAQs

Do I pay a commission when my property is vacant?
No! When your home is vacant between tenants or during rehabilitation, we will not charge a commission. FAQs

Can you pay my monthly property bills for me?
Yes! We can pay your Mortgage, Insurance, Homeowner, Association fees, etc. as long as there are sufficient funds, or positive cash flow from the property, on hand to cover such expenses. We require advance funds for this purpose. Don Asher & Associates does not charge additional fees for this service. FAQs

Where will my property be advertised?
We have various marketing options, depending on location and property type. All properties appear on our website. We regularly monitor their activity, and can immediately make adjustments as needed. Properties are also listed in the appropriate Realtor’s MLS (Multiple Listing Service), and other trending websites. A professional “For Rent” sign is placed in the front yard or window if permitted by the Association governing the community. Your Property Manager will let you of marketing means used and their result. FAQs

When and how do I receive my proceeds?
We send all our payments via ACH (Automated Clearing House). The funds are deposited directly into your bank account without incurring any charges. If you prefer an actual check, we can accommodate that as well. Owners are provided with their funds after rent has cleared the bank. Unlike other companies, we do not hold Owner funds in our account for weeks. FAQs

Can I see my account activity online?
Don Asher & Associates offers state-of-the-art online account access 24/7. You can see your account’s activity in real-time. You will be able to view: funds received, invoices paid out and to whom, work pending and performed with the actual vendor invoices, and much more. FAQs

How do tenants contact you for maintenance?
Residents can contact us during regular business hours or 24/7 online. After we receive a repair request, we’ll speak directly with the tenant to determine the exact nature of the problem. Once the situation is clarified, we contact the appropriate service technician. Most repairs are scheduled within one business day. If the issue is considered an emergency, immediate steps are taken to protect life and property as appropriate. FAQs

How do you handle maintenance payments, and how do I know what was done and by whom?
Payments to vendors come from owners available funds. If it’s tenant’s abuse or neglect, we invoice the tenant. There is a $300 minimum maintenance reserve to allow quick action in the event of an emergency. When significant repairs require funds in advance, owners can schedule transfers utilizing our online payment service. Invoices are available to view online within days after payment. FAQs

How do I contact my manager?
Communication is of the utmost importance to us; you can contact our Property Managers via phone or email. FAQs

What happens if my tenant doesn’t pay?
Although research indicates that tenants are much more likely to pay rent when a professional management service is involved, there are times when delinquency occurs. When a tenant becomes delinquent, your Property Manager will first contact the tenant and attempt to collect the past due rent. In the event legal action is needed, we work with experienced real estate attorneys to expedite resolution. FAQs

What happens when my tenant is vacating?
Don Asher and Associates provide the tenant with written vacating procedures. They specify their responsibilities before move-out. Florida Law governs many of the provisions, but ultimately the tenant is responsible for proper notice as well as returning the property in the condition it was upon rental, normal “wear and tear” notwithstanding. We’ll notify the owner upon receiving a notice to vacate from a tenant. FAQs

Will I have to hold the security deposit?
Don Asher and Associates holds all security deposits in an escrow account and is the fiduciary under Florida Statutes. You are not charged additional fees for this service. FAQs

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