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Happy National Dog Day!

Over 60% of households in the US own a dog. That is a significant number but not a surprising one. For those of us fortunate enough to have owned a dog, we know the rewards that go with the privilege. They are always happy to see us, always forgiving of our mistakes, and always seeking our attention. A dog brings happiness and companionship to all its owners. But that is only half the story. Dogs are not only human companions but also hard workers helping to improve society in every turn. From the Police to firefighting to the Health Industry to the Military to entertainment to rescue operations, dogs are fully-integrated, contributing members of the community.

It is only fair that they have a celebration just for them. Today, August 26 is National Dog Day. According to their website, the event is a celebration of all dogs, pure and mixed breeds. It aims to promote adoption instead of buying. There are many loving dogs in shelters. If you adopt one of these animals, I can guarantee you both lives, yours and the dog will be happier and fuller.

Orange County Animal Services You can check the pictures of animals available for adoption.

When and How Did Wolves Become Dogs? An interesting and informative article by the Smithsonian

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