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Key Questions for Selecting Your HOA Management Company

Selecting an efficient community management company for your HOA is fundamental for streamlined operations and resident contentment. The right company lifts the hassles of management, freeing the board to make strategic choices. The following key questions aim to guide this essential decision-making process.

Board and HOA Management Company

Experience and Expertise

  • How many years of experience does your company have in community management? This helps to ascertain the company's longevity and reliability in the industry.

  • What types of communities have you managed before? Different community types have unique requirements; understanding the company's expertise can help determine fit.

Services and Capabilities

  • What range of services does your company offer? Knowing the scope of a company's services ensures they can meet your community's needs.

  • How do you handle emergency situations or after-hours issues? An effective response system for emergencies is crucial for resident safety and peace of mind.

Staffing and Resources

  • What is the ratio of community managers to properties? This can indicate the level of attention your community will receive.

  • How do you ensure continuity of management if our assigned manager leaves? Consistency in management is important to avoid disruption.


  • How often and in what ways will you communicate with the board and residents? Frequent and clear communication is key to a successful partnership.

  • How do you handle complaints or issues raised by residents? Quick and fair resolution of complaints enhances resident satisfaction.

Financial Management

  • How do you manage the community's finances? Understanding how they handle finances can help ensure fiscal responsibility.

  • What safeguards are in place to protect our community's funds? Safeguards are important to prevent mismanagement or fraud.

Vendor Management

  • How do you select and manage vendors for the community? A rigorous selection process leads to reliable vendor services.

  • What is your process for handling vendor issues or disputes? Effective dispute resolution maintains service quality and community harmony.


  • What types of management software or other technology does your company utilize? Modern software can streamline management tasks and improve efficiency.

  • How will residents access information about their community online? Easy online access to information is a benefit for today's tech-savvy residents.

Education and Training

  • What type of ongoing training do your community managers receive? Continuous training ensures managers stay updated and effective.

  • How do you stay updated on HOA laws and regulations? Staying abreast of laws and regulations is vital for compliance and legal protection.


  • Can you provide references from other HOAs you manage? References provide real-world insight into the company's performance.

  • How have you handled situations where a board was not satisfied with your services? Understanding their problem-solving approach can indicate their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Contract Terms

  • What are the terms of your contract, including length, termination clause, and fees? Clear contract terms avoid future disputes and unexpected costs.

  • Are there any additional fees that could be incurred outside of the contract? Transparency about potential extra costs helps with budget planning.

Choosing a community management company requires careful consideration and ample information. The outlined questions are a valuable tool for assessing candidates effectively. Remember, a good management company meets present needs and prepares for future scenarios, significantly impacting community life and resident satisfaction.

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